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Unicorn project is an attempt to create a place in which various events, presentations, exhibitions, film screenings, musical evenings, special dedications etc. are taking place.

It is an initiative made by a group of independent people, not driven by any profit business, religion, school, or anything like that.

The reason for making this move is to create a place where we can meet, exchange views and, above all, gain knowledge and post things that we would like to become widely known.

How we do this?

The contacts we have made, either through Internet forums, or through a circle of people we know, present to a group set up purely for organizational reasons, specific proposals for any event they would like to organize, from a speech to a musical evening -- anything can be put into practice! Then, with the cooperation of this group we organise all the details regarding this event.


Where is it?

In a bar that kindely grants us the use of it in Sundays, in order to organize what we want. It is Called Skullbar (the basement below the former Crusader, now "11"), located at: Lambrou Katsoni 11 and Ippokratous, near Alexandras Ave. The store has a projector for viewing movies etc and has a capacity of around 100 people.

The first period (2006-7) started with events under the name Unicorn (name derived from our tendency to the Alternative and strange) with the projection of the film «Brazil» by Terry Gilliam on February 4, 2007, and continued with projections «Birdy», «Dead Poets Society» as well as speeches by physisists Dr Paul La Violette, Taki Pappas ("Alchemy" event), Dimitris Evangelopoulos ("Cracking the Reality" event) and George Tsagkrinos ("the truth about the ancient Greek religion and philosophy" event), etc.

Now the activity of Unicorn steps  out from its' second period (2007-8), where we began with negotiating issues to create a theoretical base (UNICORN reality) with several philosophical issues, to continue while other sections we have outlined, as a pio with a social / political / ecological role (UNICORN acting) with similar issues, an "exploratory period" (UNICORN exploring) which made several trips / expeditions to various locations in Greece (eg Underground Athens, Penteli etc) and the results of these explorations are presented in Unicorn.

We therefore await with interest your participation through your presence, but also through your ideas and proposals. Our aim is clear: A creative resistance to anything trivial and non-authentic surrounding us, but also the expansion of our spiritual horizons through whatever everyone has to say and show, by contributing with his own way to free circulation and non dogmatic expression of ideas, views and concerns.

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