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Written by Βασίλης   
Tuesday, 05 February 2008 12:59
On May 13, 2007, Unicorn hosted once again the voice of a scientist, Panagiotis Pappas, on the approach of yet another mystery, Alchemy. Of course, both the speech and the subsequent debate were characterized by creative thinking and fruitful thoughts without sterile epistemologies or “unnecessary typology”.

Panagiotis Pappas is a physicist, mathematician and electronic scientist and professor at the Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus. He is also elected as academician of the Russian Science Academy.

He is an advocate of the theory of ether, after Maxwell and Stokes. One of his pappasgreatest stands concern to the etheric fields and Morphogenesis. He supports the Morphogenesis of different materials (rocks and bodies) which is not interpreted in any of the existing laws of physics, chemistry and mathematics. The formation of materials, according to him, does not depend in chemistry, but in the place materials are found. Thus we accept the existence of such a non-uniform field that is formed locally and refers to the observed characteristics of minerals from place to place. We suggest that space and the morphogenetic fields demand the individual differences.

In his speech at Unicorn P. Pappas developed the theme of Alchemy. He talked about the strange journey of this science and how it evolved over time, reaching to our day and the latest scientific research and discoveries.