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Written by Κώστας   
Wednesday, 28 November 2007 20:32
Sunday, April 1, 2007: Unicorn "executed" the biggest "lie". Speech by Dimitris Evangelopoulos on "cracking the Reality". The truth is, that it is not a lie. D. Evangelopoulos was actually there and actually spoke – a fact that honors us, as he generally avoids public speeches. evagel
What is reality? How is it created? By who? Can we change it? Are we prisoners? Such questions were the subject of this speech, which we consider very important and we have given special "weight" as a team, but also each one personally.

D. Evangelopoulos, with his long experience and study, has come to write a novel entitled "Cracking the Reality" or "Breaking the Code of Reality". Unfortunately, due to publishing difficulties, this book didn’t find its way to the printer so the author offers it free. You can find here on our website, here.

On the occasion of this book we organised this speech to present the views of the author, but also to extend his thoughts beyond that. Also, we were given the opportunity - and this is a basic element of all Unicorn events - to discuss these views, to put questions and concerns, agreements and disputes to be heard by all participants.

Using the - foremost - term "Matrix" to describe reality as a prison in which we are trapped, D. Evangelopoulos made a distinction in the philosophical and sociopolitical Matrix. His speech focused on the philosophical Matrix. Using references to Buddhist philosophy, but also in modern physics and mathematics, has argued that in fact there is an ultimate "substance" of things, everything is illusion and the mind is the the factor that gives them standing, that understands them as "constant" and “unalterable”.