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On Sunday, December 16, 2007 Unicorn presented a tribute to the famous but perhaps misunderstood or marginalized director John Carpenter. The atmosphere was perfect! Low lighting, listening to music played in Carpenter films - which he has composed – and trailers of his films playing during the attendance of the public.

The tables were full of DVDs of films and books and magazines related to Carpenter, so that everyone could get a little taste from the work of the "Prince of Terror".

The evening began with a brief introduction, stating our intention to move beyond the context of an ordinary tribute. The projection of the film "Prince of Darkness" soon followed, after the conclusion of which we made some remarks on the data mentioned in the film and its various extensions, as well as links to other films.

Then a brief presentation of the biography and the work of John Carpenter took place, as well as a reading of Pantelis Giannoulakis’ answers to our relevant questions regarding Carpenter.

The tribute continued with references to other Carpenter films, to the problems he meets from the "cinematic status quo", the "alien movies" and possible "factions" distinguished and participate in a "war", which manifests in cinema, as well as in other strange ideas, opinions and observations.